Last Updated May 11, 2020

The safety and health of our fans, contributors and advertisers are our number one priority, which is why we’re increasing our already diligent safe handling practices of all merchandise ordered and received from Birdy per CDC and WHO recommended practices. 

All surfaces, supplies and equipment used to package Birdy items are disinfected regularly and before each use with 2-5% bleach solution. While handling and packaging any Birdy items, the operators: 1) Wash their hands first for a minimum of 20 seconds using the CDC’s handwashing instructions; 2) Wear gloves approved by the CDC and WHO.

Birdy is printed by Signature Offset, a local, independent, 9-person publishing plant. Signature Offset is committed to safeguarding their employees, facilities and the printing of products for their clients. Located in its own massive warehouse, employees practice social distancing by nature as only a few employees work at any given time and remain significantly distanced from each other due to the layout of the plant. Employees operate machinery and equipment which produce the physical product of Birdy Magazine. The physical issues are not touched by employees as the final production stage includes machine packaging of Birdy into cardboard boxes. These boxes are stored safely in Birdy’s storage facility, along with other Birdy merchandise.

We ship all packaging through USPS who are dedicated to safe COVID-19 practices. The CDC states there is low risk of transmission of COVID-19 on packaging such as mail and cardboard due to poor survivability of the virus on these surfaces. They stated they are still learning more about this virus as other studies have found it is possible for COVID-19 to remain on mail, packaging and cardboard for up to 24 hours. 

Here’s what we recommend when receiving your Birdy package: 1) Leave your package in a safe place away from people and animals for at least 24 hours (though we recommend 48 hours); 2) If you choose to open your package immediately, disinfect the outside of the package with 60-70% ethanol or 2-5% bleach solution before safely recycling or disposing of the package. Follow by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds per the CDC handwashing instructions before enjoying your Birdy!

We will continue to monitor our practices and the situation closely and keep everyone informed of any changes. Thank you so much for supporting Birdy! Be safe and stay healthy.