Every Issue So Far


Every Birdy Ever Published.

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Every Issue So Far

You’re a completist. You require only the best and most comprehensive. This is why you want Every Issue So Far*. We can do that … for now.

Supplies of the issues from our first few years are very limited, and very valuable. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, off to become mere legend and to fetch absurd single-issue prices on eBay. Beat the rush. This order will get you every issue up to (whatever the current issue is as you read this); I can’t be updating this description every month.

*Please note:

*Issue 001 is currently out of stock. 2nd Edition printed Issue 001’s will be available soon. Stay tuned.

*Do to the nature of the printing process, some issue covers may reflect slight imperfections which occurred at the original time of publishing.

**If you are outside of the U.S., please email us if you are interested in purchasing a Birdy Bundle at birdy@birdymagazine.com. Please note that prices will be slightly higher due to international shipping charges. We use PayPal for all international purchases**

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