August 2020

SAUCY: Jonny DeStefano

SAUCY By Jonny DeStefano Published Issue 080, August 2020 Jonny is the co-owner and co-founder of Birdy Magazine. He is also the founder of the comedy activist space Deer Pile. His favorite color is red, he loves shark attacks, hockey and upright bass. 

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CAT REPAIR: Matt McCarthy

CAT REPAIR By Matt McCarthy Published Issue 080, August 2020 Matt McCarthy lives and works in Chapel Hill, NC. His collage artwork contrasts domestic felines with various scenes and objects to create humorous surreal compositions. The utilization of existing cat images reinforces the timeless appeal of felines, and draws a common thread through a variety

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MANY NOBLE NAMESBy Jason HellerArt by Luke StackpooleBest of Birdy: Story Originally Published Issue 009, August 2014 Blood was nothing new on that boulevard. Trails of it appeared on the sidewalks about once a month, shed we assumed by someone beaten or stabbed during the night. Sometimes the blood looked like rust. Other times it

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BAD REPUTATIONBy Kaylie RivasArt: Cosmic Death Queen by Jaime ValderramaArt: Dog by Luke DiBonaPublished Issue 080, August 2020 I didn’t always used to be this way. You know … hated by everyone. In a way, all of this “evil” stuff has just given me a complex, really. It’s like you do one thing wrong and

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