November 2020

Watching the World Go By - Ali Hoff


THE END OF STASIS By Joel Tagert Art by Ali Hoff Published Issue 083, November 2020 “What has been will be again,” intoned Preserver Lyons, “what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Forever and ever, amen.” He raised a hand to the great crowd of faithful in

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Don't Panic by Dave Danzara

DON’T PANIC by Dave Danzara

DON’T PANCE By Dave Danzara Published Issue 083, November 2020 Dave Danzara has spent most of his life creating art. Born and raised in California, Dave won a scholarship to Laguna Art Institute of Southern California in 1994. His influences can be found in pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, film and music. Graphic design and digital

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Mark Mothersbaugh postcard art


COLLECTED EVIDENCE By Mark Mothersbaugh Published Issue 83, November 2020 Mark Mothersbaugh is a Conceptualist. As an undergraduate art student at Kent State University, Mark began creating work in the late 60’s and has created tens of thousands of works to the current day in various mediums including, rubber stamp designs, mail art, decals, prints, ink illustrations, oil

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