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The Purp: Joel Tagert

The Purp By Joel Tagert Art by Dave Danzara Published Issue 092, August 2021   The doomsayers crowded the corners but between them there was no agreement. NEW YORK WILL DROWN, read one sign. NUCLEAR WAR 10/21/35, said another. Still others mentioned plagues, droughts, assassinations, but no one took them seriously. Everyone knew the really …

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Howl By Gray Winsler

Howl By Gray Winsler Art by Dave Danzara Published Issue 091, July 2021 The fire crackles before me, more captivating than any screen. Beyond its light, only night, and the noises of things unseen. A playground for the imagination, And fright, its primary creation. But the wild never scared me, not like the city, Millions …

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Sheeple By Dave Danzara

Sheeple By Dave Danzara aka Lost In Time Designs Published Issue 090, June 2021 Dave Danzara has spent most of his life creating art. Born and raised in California, Dave won a scholarship to Laguna Art Institute of Southern California in 1994. His influences can be found in pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, film and music. …

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