Dog Art


Art by S. Putnik

Art by S. Putnik Published Issue 102, June 2022 Siena Goldman aka S. Putnik lives in her birthplace, Los Angeles, where she has spent her lifetime so far experimenting with the visual and musical arts. She loves working with pencil, pastel, watercolor, crayon and collage to convey interesting textures, color palettes, and moods in her …

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The Old Guitarist by Julia McClurg

The Old Guitarist By Julia McClurg Published Issue 097, January 2022 Julia McClurg (b 1967) is a contemporary Artist from the United States living in Costa Rica. Her artistic journey started at an early age after graduating from The Colorado Institute of Art. McClurg spent 20+ years painting commissions after playing in punk bands as …

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Puppy Cone by Ray Young Chu

Puppy Cone By Ray Young Chu Published Issue 091, July 2021 Ray Young Chu’s background starts with his grandfather being taken away by North Korean soldiers for being a preacher when his dad was six. They never saw him since. This back history has contributed to Ray’s continuous search for meaning and purpose behind his …

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BAD REPUTATIONBy Kaylie RivasArt: Cosmic Death Queen by Jaime ValderramaArt: Dog by Luke DiBonaPublished Issue 080, August 2020 I didn’t always used to be this way. You know … hated by everyone. In a way, all of this “evil” stuff has just given me a complex, really. It’s like you do one thing wrong and …

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