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Book ClubBy Hana ZittelPublished Issue 078, June 2020 The Black Cathedral by Marcial Gala, Translated by Anna Kushner (translation 2020) Marcial Gala’s first work to be translated into English is a dark and thrilling tour through modern day Cienfuegos, Cuba. Told through a huge cast of characters, some for only a small paragraph, each person feels distinctly …

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Cyborg Thugs by Jonny DeStefano

CYBORG THUGSArt By Jonny DeStefano Published Issue 078, June 2020 Cyborg thugs once again bringing violence to a peaceful protest. Jonny DeStefano is the co-owner and co-founder of Birdy Magazine. He is also the founder of the comedy activist space Deer Pile. His favorite color is red, he loves shark attacks, hockey and upright bass.

After and Before by Mark Mothersbaugh

After and Before: Mark Mothersbaugh

AFTER AND BEFORE – MAY 3RD, 2020By Mark MothersbaughPublished Issue 078, June 2020 Mark Mothersbaugh is a Conceptualist. As an undergraduate art student at Kent State University, Mark began creating work in the late 60’s and has created tens of thousands of works to the current day in various mediums including, rubber stamp designs, mail art, decals, prints, …

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