Log 141 by Godric

Log 141 By Godric Photo by Tommy Coyote Published Issue 091, July 2021 Curl me, mink I think my sweat thinks Smelling pennies again And plans of no return To the branchless place Where signal fails, And the temperature is hate Find the moles! Then forget him. Something about watching snakes, Pretending it’s warm in […]

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2021 BECKONS By Helena Kaeris

One Breath. Shiver. Quake. Tempo quick. Seeds pollinate. Vortex light, Create! 2021 BECKONS By Helena Kaeris Published Issue 086, February 2021 I consider myself a life artist or artist of life. I’m a self-taught acrylic painter currently living in Denver, Colorado with my partner and our three shared children. Painting has been an anchor for

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