Space Art

Dolmen By Ali Hoff

Dolmen By Ali Hoff Published Issue 083, March 2021 Ali Hoff is UK-based freelance concept artist and 3D Modeller. Follow him on Instagram for more work. Snag prints here.

The Black Machine

The Black Machine By Jim Bengochea

The Black Machine By Jim Bengochea Publishing Issue 087, March 2021 Jim Bengochea aka The Black Machine is a Pennsylvania-based graphic designer and artist specializing in digital illustration, and blender and 3D work. Peek his Instagram for more.

NIGHTHAWK-9: Mike McKenney

NIGHTHAWK-9 By Mike McKenney Published Issue 081, September 2020 Mike McKenney aka @the_real_theory is Artist, Founder & CEO Originally from Manchester, CT, he went to school at the University of Vermont. His wife Michelle, daughter Olivia, and boxer Alpine reside in the Salt Lake City area where they enjoy skiing and the mountains. His “real …

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ECLYPSE: Auracane

ECLYPSE By Auracane Published Issue 080, August 2020 Auracane is a visual artist and musician producing trill beats and dope vibes.

Space Vehicle by Marie Conigliaro

Space Vehicle 3 – 2016: Marie Conigliaro + ALMOST: JUST A GUY

ALMOSTBy Just A GuyPublished 077, May 2020 I like smiles, glances, and dreams,and faulty photographs of memory,and the luster of you fading into night. I like happy, honest people,and philosophers who never write,incoherent thoughts, and feelings you can only  half express.  And our love, with its butterfly motif,and the courses of our two lives, might …

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