Godric poet

LOG 123 By Godric

LOG 123 By Godric Photos By Tommy Coyote Published Issue 088, April 2021 Gripping the ground Feet still thawing Heart warmer than brown I’ve gone inside Kept so few around Spiked a mending mind With many words Steady & sound Oh refuge, growing friend Lengthening the work Deepening the pen May we flair our hems …

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Log 114 By Godric

LOG 114 By Godric Photos by Dalvin Nichols Published Issue 087, March 2021 My inner man’s met a renaissance. How I meet days now, are molecularly contrary to navigating them before. What sprung the spring? Peculiar! The quietest thing. Language. The score of humanity.  Upon finding, asserted my own. Then, purpose Then, power And finally, …

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