Log 114 By Godric

Custom Dyed Hoodie: Paradiso | Photo by Dalvin Nichols

LOG 114
By Godric
Photos by Dalvin Nichols
Published Issue 087, March 2021

My inner man’s met a renaissance.
How I meet days now, are molecularly contrary to navigating them
What sprung the spring?
The quietest thing.
The score of humanity. 

Floral Flare/Mask: Public Couture | Photo by Dalvin Nichols

Upon finding, asserted my own.
Then, purpose
Then, power
And finally, a way to wield these. 

Floral Flare Mask: Public Couture | Photo by Dalvin Nichols

This is a fast track spanning the last three or four years.
Visceral living,
only respecting it recently as journey.
Of which I’ve dreamed and to the day,
pray without ceasing for.

Photo by Dalvin Nichols

With some offense. I’ve locked myself in a room, hoarding this infinity stone. Language. Building and shattering with it. Reaping fruit of doing right by it. Primarily through music. My chosen agent of storytelling or displaying its power. I envision building my entire artistry on the integrity of language, revealing for others not ‘what’ but ‘how’ to see. As it’s done for me. Tremendously altering course had I never come by it. The scholarship and bridging it freely provided. Sharing ‘that’ is what all the expression is for. All of which can be found streaming on SoundCloud now. 

Tote: Tokyo Sunset | Photo by Dalvin Nichols

Music’s been center stage of every narrative, love and healing moment of my Life. And the world today, has a deaf absence I feel, of men, whose interior visions and convictions never play past historical tropes or ideals of ‘the man’ & this has harmed futures more than it’s ever protected. Confused more than it ever disclosed. And I hate that. If not for language to see through construct, I don’t know that I ever would’ve. That thin line cited an emergency to me. I have to tell people. If not tell then show. If not show, then rap. If not rap, then wear it. If not wear it, write it. It all counts, toward the arc. Outliers holding space anchors change. Promotes humanity & service. Redefines value and our vigor in the pursuit of it. That’s the task it seems. However that finds you, let it. Then turn it UP. 

Photo by Dalvin Nichols

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