Month: September 2020

Coelacanth: Arna Miller

COELACANTH By Arna Miller Published Issue 081, September 2020 Why did you rise from the sea? Coelacanths are real fish, who exist today, and they are also mythological creatures we’ve assigned to represent evolution. For this coelacanth, the sea was certainly home, but land was an intoxicating adventure waiting to be explored. There was food …

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WAY BACK: Steve Haney

WAY BACK By Visions Collage  Published Issue 081, September 2020 Steve Haney — aka Visions Collage — is a visual collage artist and a percussionist for Jungle Fire, a  Los Angeles-based TropiFunk juggernaut that digs deep into Afro/Latin Funk with an approach that is authentic and highly explosive.


THE PACK  Originally printed in The Journal: A Literary Magazine By Amy Guidry Published Issue 081, September 2020 ABOUT THE ARTIST: Amy Guidry (b. 1976, Jacksonville, N.C.) is an American artist residing in Lafayette, Louisiana. She grew up in Slidell, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Guidry comes from a family of artists including the …


NIGHTHAWK-9: Mike McKenney

NIGHTHAWK-9 By Mike McKenney Published Issue 081, September 2020 Mike McKenney aka @the_real_theory is Artist, Founder & CEO Originally from Manchester, CT, he went to school at the University of Vermont. His wife Michelle, daughter Olivia, and boxer Alpine reside in the Salt Lake City area where they enjoy skiing and the mountains. His “real …

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