August 2021


Queen City Sounds: Tom Murphy

Queen City Sounds By Tom Murphy Published Issue 092, August 2021 DOZE DOSING | shared_DOCS_w/_u As an educator Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens spent much of the pandemic interacting with students online and using digital cloud resources and tools to receive work and transmit various forms of feedback and analyze data. As a way to cope Stevens […]

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Book Club: Hana Zittel

Book Club Hana Zittel Published Issue 092, August 2021 Maxwell’s Demon by Steven Hall (2021) “…Why knocks an angel in Bethlehem?” Thomas Quinn receives this cryptic message on his landline’s answering machine, unable to reach the call in time. The voice coming from the machine sounds very much like the voice of his late father,

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BEX: Gray Winsler

BEX By Gray Winsler Art by Nick Flook Published Issue 092, August 2021 Bex’s hands were sweating. She blamed it on the skintight gloves of her suit, but she knew she was nervous. “Comms are going dark in five, Bex. How are you feeling?” “Never better,” she shouted over the rattling of the ship. Bex

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The Purp: Joel Tagert

The Purp By Joel Tagert Art by Dave Danzara Published Issue 092, August 2021   The doomsayers crowded the corners but between them there was no agreement. NEW YORK WILL DROWN, read one sign. NUCLEAR WAR 10/21/35, said another. Still others mentioned plagues, droughts, assassinations, but no one took them seriously. Everyone knew the really

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Aloner: Graham Franciose

Aloner By Graham Franciose Published Issue 092, August 2021 Graham Franciose grew up in the forests of Massachusetts. His work reaches back to those times of exploration and imagination, where anything was possible. His whimsical, sometimes emotional, illustrations show a sliver of a story, a moment between the action, leaving the exact circumstances and narrative

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Astronaut: Risa F Scott

Astronaut By Risa F Scott Art by Ali Hoff Published Issue 092, August 2021   My Aunt Carol lives on a little farm in Oregon. The forest there is so green, like it crept over every other color for being still. It’s a long trip, makes you feel like you’re moving away from Earth itself.

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