Artopsy: Xander Smith by Krysti Joméi

REPORT OF INVESTIGATION BY BIRDY EXAMINER INVESTIGATING AGENT: Krysti Joméi Published Issue 092, August 2021 SUBJECT: Xander Smith OCCUPATION: Art Director, Concept Artist RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA BIRTHPLACE: Longmont, CO TYPE OF ART: Concept Art Direction for Film MANNER OF ART: 2D and 3D PROBABLE CAUSE OF ART: A Titan 3090 graphics card, ZBrush, Photoshop …

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100 Days by Jonny DeStefano

The Kobold: Joel Tagert

THE KOBOLD By Joel Tagert Art by Jonny DeStefano Published Issue 082, October 2020 “Why did you bring her?” Collin asked as they got out of their vehicles beside the barn, frowning at the six-year-old girl hiding behind Alicia’s purple-velvet cloak.  “Don’t be a dick,” Alicia said. “She’s my cousin and no one else could …

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No Exit by Ali Hoff

No Exit: Ali Hoff

NO EXIT By Ali Hoff Published Issue 082, October 2020 Ali Hoff is UK-based freelance concept artist and 3D Modeller.

Scarecrows: Joshua Viola

SCARECROWS By Joshua Viola Art by Aaron Lovett Published Issue 082, October 2020 Scarecrows was previously published in Nightmares Unhinged: Twenty Tales of Terror (2015, Hex Publishers). ‡ “That’s mine,” Cody said, hoping he sounded tough — if he did, maybe he wouldn’t have to fight them. “Give it back.” “Newbie wants his little cap back,” Rich, …

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