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2:30 AM/PM by Jason Heller

2:30 AM/PM by Jason Heller

Published Issue 100, April 2022 Best of Birdy Originally Published Issue 015 The knock at the door comes at 2:30 a.m. I am alone and awake to greet it. I pad down the hall in soft socks and weak shadows, my shoulder blades twisting beneath my skin like insects trapped in a napkin. Charlie says …

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May Book Club by Hana Zittel

Book Club By Hana Zittel Published Issue 089, May 2021 The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones (2020) When four members of the Blackfeet Nation make the ill-advised decision to hunt elk on land reserved for elders, their fates are sealed as a violent haunting starts to unfold around them. Stephen Graham Jones’ newest …

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Published Issue 083, November 2020 Of course you can’t be an organ donor. You’ll need them when Jesus comes back. I was raised under a pretty extreme Evangelical theology, but somehow, I missed this crucial bit of doctrine until I applied for my driver’s license. It turns out learning the rules of the road came …

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BAD REPUTATIONBy Kaylie RivasArt: Cosmic Death Queen by Jaime ValderramaArt: Dog by Luke DiBonaPublished Issue 080, August 2020 I didn’t always used to be this way. You know … hated by everyone. In a way, all of this “evil” stuff has just given me a complex, really. It’s like you do one thing wrong and …

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