January 2024 Back Cover: Birdy Collage by Kristie Stott


Birdy Collage by Kristie Stott

Back Cover: Birdy Collage
By Kristie Stott
Published in Issue 121, January 2024

Kristie Stott began her art journey in her youth, sketching out faces in her notebook and doodling on her papers in class. Art was always a prominent factor in her life. It was only in the past couple of years she honed in on her passion for art, to refine her craft as she is currently a sophomore in high school. She enjoys realism, using texture, drastic colors and shapes to provide detail to her pieces. Her speciality is painting landscapes, taking a lot of inspiration from her favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh. She is intrigued with other artistic interests such as music, cinematic film and fashion. In the future, she hopes her career will indulge in something that provides her creative freedom, as she looks to spread the important message art brings to society.

This is Kristi’s debut with Birdy. Keep your eyes peeled for more work by this talented artist and collagist.