Helena Kaeris, Perfectly Imperfect

By Helena Kaeris
Published Issue 080, August 2020

I consider myself a life artist or artist of life. I’m a self-taught acrylic painter currently living in Denver, Colorado with my partner and our three shared children. Painting has been an anchor for me during this 2020 pandemic with all the global changes and uncertainty. I use painting as a pallet for my subconscious expression and normally allow my work to emerge, rather than planning in advance where it will go. All my paintings have a story to tell and when they are all placed together, they tell a full story involving the workings of my heart.

I painted Perfectly Imperfect on the 4th of July, while pondering all that is happening on the earth, in the world, in this country and in all of us during this year of great change. I was thinking about humanity and how under the surface we’re all the same. Behind all our belief systems, prejudices, opinions, appearances, history and so on, we’re all cut from the same cloth. We all feel, long, desire, dream, create, love, breathe, laugh, long for life and even hurt the same. When we feel into others, we know them because they are a mirror of ourselves. When we look and label, rather than feel, we don’t know because we see what is different rather than what is the same. Feeling aligns with deeper understanding. The bringing together of feeling and looking creates a picture that is Perfectly Imperfect. Perfection is in the Imperfection. As I pondered all this and how it relates to our beautiful earth, world and country, at this perfectly imperfect time, this mystical forest emerged. It is Perfectly Imperfect.