Automated Cannabis Vending Arrives In Colorado by Peter Marcus

The Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE), Photo courtesy of Terrapin Care Station

Automated Cannabis Vending Arrives In Colorado
By Peter Marcus
Published Issue 110, February 2023

The Automated Cannabis Experience, ACE, is conducting sales at Terrapin Care Station in Aurora, 11091 E. Mississippi Ave. It is the first and only completely automated cannabis vending kiosk on the market. 

Boulder-based cannabis company Terrapin announced the launch of ACE, or Automated Cannabis Experience, a first-of-its-kind cannabis digital vending kiosk that provides a fully automated and compliant shopping experience.  

ACE is now serving cannabis consumers at a Terrapin Care Station in Aurora, located at 11091 E. Mississippi Ave. It is the first fully automated cannabis vending option on the market to arrive in Colorado and receive the blessing of state and local regulators.  

“Innovative solutions like ACE illustrate the increasingly mainstream nature of the cannabis space,” said Chris Woods, Terrapin’s CEO. “ACE not only improves sales but also provides unique benefits to consumers, including faster checkouts, expanded education, and the ability to engage in multiple languages. As the cannabis industry evolves, companies must pivot to meet changing consumer preferences and demands. ACE offers a genuinely game-changing way for consumers to purchase cannabis.” 

Developed in partnership with BMC Universal Technologies, the cannabis retail solution is the first fully automated cannabis vending kiosk on the market to fully package, live label and dispense cannabis products while meeting or exceeding compliance requirements. Consumers check-in at the dispensary, scan and verify their identification card, follow the instructions on the digital screen and pay to complete their purchase. ACE holds up to 1,152 products, depending on the size of product packaging, and its 38-by-30-inch observation window allows shoppers to watch the bagging process. 

It takes about 50 seconds to distribute a fully compliant product once shoppers input their selection. For faster use, consumers can pre-order and scan a QR code at the kiosk to quickly verify their age and purchase products.   

The benefits of ACE include the following:

  • Faster checkouts for “regulars:” The ACE solution automates, simplifies and expedites the buying process for customers who don’t require the same level of engagement and expertise.
  • Augments budtenders and frees them to take more time to support shoppers seeking deeper consultation and education.
  • Can be programmed in multiple languages, improving inclusion and better serving customers in diverse markets.
  • Enhanced ID verification — ACE provides an added check to ensure only those eligible to purchase cannabis are doing so by leveraging advanced ID-scanning verification technology. 
  • Completely secure — The kiosk itself is completely secure, exceeding regulatory requirements for safe product storage both during and after business hours.  

ACE was installed at Terrapin’s Aurora store on Mississippi Ave. following MJBizCon in November 2022. The kiosk received significant attention at the recent trade show, with dozens of interested cannabis business owners from across the country and world inquiring how to pre-order the kiosk. Terrapin is working with BMC Universal Technologies to address the interest. Future plans include shipping ACE nationwide where state laws and rules allow for implementation of automated cannabis vending. 

Regulators see value in the vending solution given its ability to meet all retail compliance requirements without the possibility of human error.  

“We are happy to support innovation in business and appreciate Terrapin for choosing Aurora to implement this impressive equipment,” said Trevor Vaughn, manager of licensing for the city of Aurora. “Our highest priority is public safety and Terrapin acknowledges this with their implementation of this retail option by adding an automated layer of safeguards to human verification to ensure that only those legally allowed to consume cannabis are purchasing those products.”

Terrapin is first rolling out ACE at its Aurora store on Mississippi. The legacy Colorado-based cannabis company is developing plans to roll out ACE at its five other Terrapin Care Station locations throughout Colorado, though no specific dates have been identified at this time. Terrapin will update consumers as those plans are developed. Marketed and distributed by Terrapin, ACE contains Terrapin’s premium cannabis products. Future plans will allow ACE to be branded with another dispensary. 

“As an established leader in the vending industry, we have the manufacturing design, automation and engineering expertise necessary to design and develop the vending machine of the future,” said Robert Schwarzli, BMC Universal Technologies’ president. “ACE is the first vending solution on the market that is fully automated, truly transforming how people shop for cannabis products. While ACE is a first for the cannabis sector, we’ve brought dozens of other one-of-a-kind projects across myriad other industries to life — and are excited about the future of cannabis retail.” 

For more information about how ACE enhances the cannabis shopping experience, visit Information on Terrapin can be found at To see ACE in action, contact Peter Marcus, VP Communications: 

ACE, or Automated Cannabis Experience, is the only completely automated digital cannabis vending kiosk on the market. The unattended solution requires no human interaction, with ID-verification technology confirming that only shoppers of legal age are able to purchase cannabis using the kiosk. Marketed and distributed by Terrapin — a consumer-focused, Colorado-based cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality medical and recreational cannabis products — ACE can contain cannabis products from Terrapin or be branded with another dispensary. For more information about ACE, visit

About BMC Universal Technologies

A leader in the bulk vending industry for nearly 60 years, BMC Universal Technologies is a Canadian, family-owned subsidiary of Beaver Machine Corporation. With a reputation built on innovation and quality, BMC has acquired a clear engineering advantage with the distinct ability to anticipate and design the ultimate marketing and retail machine of the future to better serve today’s customer needs. With over five decades of experience in the manufacturing sector, BMC Universal Technologies’ approach to design combines proven market analysis, product development, testing, overengineering, durability and planned longevity of products for maximum return on investment. As leaders in the industry, BMC Universal Technologies seamlessly integrates digital technology with traditional manufacturing and engineering, demonstrating unparalleled product design and intelligent technology solutions. 

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