In my next life, let me be after Natasha Rao by BEE LB

Art by Lina Gvozdeva

In my next life, let me be
after Natasha Rao
Published Issue 124, April 2024

a rabbit or a bunny, little body, big 

teeth. let me sink into something crisp and sweet, 

let me nibble with delight, let me gorge myself 

on the garden someone else has planted, 

has tended to, has sweated over and into. If I must 

be chased, let me feel my heart sing 

in my chest with the thrill of delicious theft. 


Let me outrun my aggressor, let my legs carry me 

home, let me crawl, satiated, into my little bunny bed. 

Let me imagine bunnies have little beds to crawl into, 

burrows warm and welcoming, drowsiness to settle. 


I have always been afraid of eating to fill, 

never theft but the threat that follows. 


In my next life, let me know only the present moment, 

a full belly, a garden that is not mine to return to again 

and again. Let the shotgun remain unloaded, let the garden 

sprawl so my intrusion goes without notice. Let me feel my legs 

strong beneath me, my heart fast within me, my brain so small 

the burden of consciousness is not mine to bear. Let me live 

a short and beautiful life. Let me know the split and spill 

of a grape between my teeth. The sharp dry crisp of a radish. 

The sweet crunch of a carrot, followed by the earthy leaf. 


Let me know a garden feast without guilt. 


In this life, I hardly know fill without overfill. 

In the next, let me know my limits and meet them 

with grace. When I meet this end, let it be due 

only to time. Let the thought of ending 

early never enter my mind. 

BEE LB is an array of letters, bound to impulse; a writer creating delicate connections. they have called any number of places home; currently, a single yellow wall in Michigan. Their portfolio can be found at and they can be found, on occasion, posting excerpts of poems on Instagram.

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