Moon by Risa F. Scott

Moon Risa F. Scott Image by Paolo Candelo
Image by Paolo Candelo
By Risa F. Scott
Published Issue 091, July 2021

I saw the moon

And thought it was

A streetlamp. Stuck 

On the corner

Of Cimarron 

And Church street

Where the wilting

Schoolhouse is shut

Always bolted

Leaning where dreams 

Leaned, a crushed beer

Can in the brush.

I’m waiting for 

What I never 

Thought I’d have to 

Ask for. I thought 

I saw it then, 

Following the 

Bright headlights 

That weren’t for

Me either. I

Think it’s something 


That has changed. I 

Used to think all 

Lights could be the 

Stars and the moon.

Risa F. Scott is an actor, writer and director for series content, short or feature film, commercial and creative projects. She believes in a community approach to filmmaking and has developed a network of strong contacts all over the US for creative work. Risa is also a professional photographer can be contacted for BTS and conceptual work associated films and production at Follow her on Instagram and see her video work on Vimeo.