Lance De Los Reyes’ graffiti on billboard

Humidor of human filth
By Zac Dunn
Published Issue 101, May 2022

Thoughts on Lance De Los Reyes Solo ShowVito Schnabel Gallery, 2022 NYC ø Rambo Was Here, Recalled 3/23/22

You always made me think

I was hanging out with Christian Hosoi.

The stoke was very real.

You went higher, harder, talked louder, insisted more vehemently, exclaimed truths with a voice that was horse for yelling the day before, belting the gospel you talked, walked, embodied and repped with full measure end to end.

The cryptic death defying words adorned on the periphery of NYC.


The meaning being the form

The working being the message

The audience mouth wide open

Awaiting the sacrament of intent

Love is the law

Love under will

Your heart was like a bubbling volcano crater

Rumbling and spewing forth

Pyroclastic force that meted barriers so apparent no one ever saw them there.


You faced death and climb ladders to places Only eagles dare to stare face to face with

The specter of annihilation

As I sat on the strange red chair

You explained the ritual

And revealed the totem

The path required one to master their heart and overcome their fear.

To prepare and plan and execute with intent and passion

You often asked what I would do

If I was ever face to face with a REAL savage

To which I replied

I was in that very moment gazing

One square in the maw …

The work would take form and you trusted

Me to curate and sequence it

This literal geyser of work that always

Pointed to something we all almost

Understood but could

never touch or hold on to

No one was more perilously driven to push something completely new that wasn’t just a piece of art on a canvas or wall but something living animate. The spirit world you shared hinted at something deep in the abyss that you paid the price to see yet extrapolated scene to be cast

into the light …

Lance De Los Reyes‘ painting Vito Schnabel Gallery, 2022 NYC

It was and is a sacrament

An unfathomably perilous endeavor that would cement the standard you set forth


We touch the void

Eyes slammed shut

Wishing you were still here

But the work

and the word

The Vision and voice

The Dogma and ritual

The other side of thing we all fear doing most but must dive head first forward as you did calls now as the sun will crash into darkness for eternity

You are the SHINING

The walls bleed truth

And the demons circle once more to

Dance and dream and love and paint.

You came here to do something

You did it.

You reminded a city that all too soon to forget that anyone can toss up a word, character or hand style, But a true master has a message to share that requires discipline, vision, character and raw power …

We March on in your name Lance

We cannot forget what you did

It’s all over the walls still screaming life.

You made a mark

That would have made Jean-Michel smile.

Modern American artist, graffiti legend, poet, father, husband, brother

Lance De Los Reyes and Zac Dunn

Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

New York-based artist Lance De Los Reyes, aka Rambo, was best-known for his graffiti depicting upside-down crowns, a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the cryptic poems he painted on billboards and buildings across New York City. More recently in his practice, the artist had focused on large-scale abstract paintings.

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