The Undermallers of Meow Wolf and Plotzo the R@ King by Shanny Schmidt

An undermaller poses next to a picture of Plotzo in the R@z Nest (Lead Artist: Benji Geary at Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station | Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media

The Undermallers of Meow Wolf and Plotzo the R@ King
By Shanny Schmidt
Lead Artist: Benji Geary
Published in Issue 124, November 2024

Meow Wolf Story Explained: The origins of an underground mutant army responsible for planting dystopian arcades interdimensionally.

Times are changing and being changed. Recently, there’s been a noticeable amount of 80s-neon-cyberpunk-themed arcades filled with stylish misfits popping up and mini-shrines dedicated to a rodent-headed dude rockin’ a green mohawk. Benji Geary, Meow Wolf’s Senior Art Director and co-founder, explains that in the Undermallers origin story, there was a monumental time split in the early 1980s. In this alternate reality, tensions between nations shifted from bad to worse. Panic and paranoia forced the American population to move into massive arcology super-bunkers that were being built in large metropolitan areas across the U.S. They were designed to resemble a stereotypical American mall from the 1980s to aid in morale, but instead left the youth feeling disillusioned. 

The R@z Nest is an arcade embellished with trash and graffiti located in Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station | Photo by Kate Russell

Gene modification and hydroponic technologies were developed expeditiously to supply enough food for the inhabitants inside of these self-sustained mall-arks. G-modding was also being used for experimental style and fashion. Gangs of directionless, rebellious youth were on the rise. It is in this critical time of chaos that a mysterious figure — Plotzo — appears. He supposedly took g-modding to a whole new level by freaking mutating himself to have the head of a rat. Plotzo was quickly dubbed the “R@ King” by these radically g-modded mutant punks from the “Undermall” who are now referred to as the Undermallers.

The stories of Plotzo spread quickly across the Undermalls of America, helping the Undermallers unify and they began using portal openings to plant mall-arcade clubhouses for recruiting members and collecting coins for Plotzo. This is the beginning of the “R@z Fusion” found in messages and recruitment tools/games inside the portal openings of Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station and other locations. Beware!

The R@z Nest in Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station | Photo by Kate Russell

The latest portal opening used for the Undermallers’ arcade planting is located inside of Mug Shots Plasmaplex of The Real Unreal in Grapevine, TX. Wait! Plasmaplex? Quick huddle. Here’s the piping hot leaf beverage regarding “plasmaplex” — apparently, the Undermallers made it fashionable to bleed on shoes (probably an initiation or modification-mishap turned trend). They believed this would earn Plotzo’s attention. 

There’s been speculation if any of the Undermallers have even met Plotzo (it’s difficult to fact-check members of an interdimensional gang). There are plenty who have claimed they’ve met him and they continue carrying messages on his behalf. Does Plotzo really exist? What exactly is existence? If Plotzo only lived in the heads of the Undermallers, would that still count as living? Wouldn’t that hurt somehow? Anyway, that’s the hot goss about plasma.

The Undermallers found portal openings thanks to QDOT (Quantum Department of Transportation) and created a punk-hangout haven inside of an underground sewer chamber in Convergence Station. They call this the R@z Nest but this place is more like a R@z infestation. Be warned: This is a pretty cool joint and will probably entice you to stay and join the Undermallers — especially with these machines:

Two giant rats fight for mutant onlookers in the Undermallers Rat Fight game found inside the R@z Nest of Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station | Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media

Undermallers Rat Fight Game is a game that captures an ancient human hobby: fighting. The Undermallers spend much of their time and collected coins battling it out in this game. Ante up and keep it coming because these rats with bats are ready for bashing and smashing — all the time. Those rascals! 

Vend-L is the vending machine in the R@z Nest room inside Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station | Photo by Kate Russell

VEND-L is another Undermaller vending machine that talks just like VEND-E from The Real Unreal. Although they might have similarities, there’s real beef between VEND-L and VEND-E about who is the better rapper after last year, when VEND-L released a catchy rap video. There are various products on display but this dweeb only seems to dispense frustration and steals coins for Plotzo offerings. VEND-L is usually spouting off jokes or trying to roast anyone passing through the R@z Nest, but also drops hints about swapping info that might end up turning into a sidequest.

If you see an Undermaller, ask if they are thirsty because they might not be hydrating enough. Portal traveling and gang recruitment can be a tiring job with little to no appreciation. They’ve been through a lot in their timeline and we should be more welcoming and thankful for their rad arcades. Remember to remember the Undermallers and please keep Plotzo’s message close to heart, “You wanna come hang with the R@z? Legit Plasma or Bust!”

Visit Plotzo’s R@z Nest (and maybe even run into an Undermaller) & more at  Convergence Station in Denver, CO.

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This feature was produced in partnership with Meow Wolf.

Shanny Schmidt (she/her) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico – in this dimension – and returned after adventuring more than a decade in Europe. She is a Meow Wolf superfan, a content creator obsessed with the strange and bizarre, and a true friend to all in need of an ear to hear or an eye to see. Follow her on Instagram.


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