May 2024 Centerfold: Spin by Marie Conigliaro

Spin by Marie Conigliaro

By Marie Conigliaro

Published as the Centerfold in Issue 125, May 2024

Marie Conigliaro’s passions lie in the art of layers. With a diverse professional background in art, design, construction administration and bookkeeping, she manages to bring all these facets together in her daily life. 

Attending an architecture biennale in the Netherlands, as a design competition winner, she discovered an inspiration that has fueled her for the last decade. As a vintage collage artist, she focuses on creating juxtapositions that spark thought and inquiry.

Marie graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Interior Design from Paier College of Art, Connecticut. She currently works at studiotrope in Denver, Colorado.

She more of her work on Instagram. And head to our Explore section to check out her past published collages.