Disappeared by Peter Kornowski

Disappeared by Peter Kornowski

By Peter Kornowski
Published Issue 123, March 2024

They found his idling truck, pulled off the road, radio still playing. His hat rocking in the breeze at the edge of the road. Disappeared is a 12″ x 12″ acrylic painting.

Pete is a painter working primarily with acrylics to create imaginative story telling artwork. His paintings have been described “like being dropped off in the middle of a book.” Time and place are intentionally blurred leaving space for the viewers narrative.

His paintings explore mystery and discovery, strange encounters and unexplained anomalies. Within his untrained style his compositions take on a dream-like vibe with intense colors, vivid light and shadow and engaging action.

“If I can remind someone of the power of their imagination, Iʼve done my job as an artist.”

When not “arting” he’s trying to make you laugh, building something with his hands, enjoying time in the wild and generally trying to resist the slow boil of the New World Order. Pete maintains a home with his artist wife in their home state of Wisconsin while traveling the USA participating in seasonal Art Fairs. He has worked as a professional painter for the last decade creating paintings, prints, and commissioned artworks that hang in homes all over the world.

See more of Peter’s work on his site and follow him on Instagram and on YouTube.

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