Stargazing At The Lake by Erika Gill

Photo by Kagaya

Stargazing At The Lake
By Erika Gill
Best of Birdy Issue 048, December 2017

The lake at night is glossy and flat black

an obsidian mirror reflecting watercolor fingers

spears of light of the storefronts and homes and streetlights

the water beneath impenetrable and hard

empty without light

my heart craves the sight of this expanse

winter trees stretch skeleton fingers up upward

yearning, as I begin, fearfully, to contemplate yearning

tightly closed petals slowly unfurl

mortally afraid of the frost, your indifference

but I sink slowly and warm into the depths of light-shot amber chips

your eyes absorb it all and I sink in with a sigh

oh oh oh

I sigh

warmth, light, a new star to orbit

I do my cosmic mating dance in an ellipse

uncertain if I should be near or far

wobbling unsteady, ever closer to your surface

I heard between your words the fear of being a satellite

I can’t alter your gravity

but I can pull the shorelines into a script

that begs “love me love me love me”

and grip hard to draw the deep waters and gather them to me like skirts

blanketed, robed in darkness to cover my violent glow

crowned in a fading light I hope you see

or put out, but soon.

Erika Gill is a Denver-based writer and poet originally from Southern California. She is the founder and editor of Alternative Milk Magazine. Check out more of her work on her site and on Instagram.