TRAX ON WAX: A Tribute to Sam Schiel

Sam Schiel’s Trax on Wax album reviews – 2014-2020

By Sam Schiel, Columnist for Birdy Magazine 2014-2020
Published Issue 083, November 2020

In loving memory of Sam Schiel | May, 21 1963 – September, 19 2020

Longtime friend and ongoing Trax on Wax columnist Sam Schiel brought 120 records spanning across 70 issues to the pages of Birdy since our very first year of publishing in 2014. Between his deep crate tangible digs, vast and wide knowledge of all things music and sound, charming antidotes, groovy voice and brilliant humor, reading his reviews and finds felt like going to music school each and every month. Sam never ceased to open our eyes, ears and minds, connecting us all through the universal language that is music. You are deeply loved and missed, Sam. Cheerio mate.

Sam at his longtime place of work, Wax Trax Denver, where he provided our city and beyond with a deep-rooted passion and knowledge of all things music.

Sam Schiel was a Denver-born and raised writer, DJ and music guru at Wax Trax Records. His hobbies included, but were not limited to, shape-shifting, dousing and knitting. His favorite color was purple, favorite band was The Banana Splits and favorite sport was deep sea curling. He loved Larry Storch, Craig Ferguson, Dr. Strangelove and The Addams Family. When he’s wasn’t drinking Zima at Lakeside Amusement Park sporting his ushanka, he was eating borscht, enjoying the sweet aroma of the Purina Dog Chow Factory, and gawking at 1969 Plymouth GTXs.