21 Band Names Or The Road To Hell Paved With Chum By Zac Dunn

Art: “Dinner” By Tyler Gross

21 Band Names Or The Road To Hell Paved With Chum
By Zac Dunn
Art by Tyler Gross
Published Issue 085, January 2021

Knife Callus

Conspiracy of One

Unknown Unknowns

Crafted By False Digits

Sorry Not Sorry

Waffles ‘n Concrete

Poor Choices A Go Go

Splash That Grain On The Fire

Blood Right Diaper

Pillar of Filth

Pantheon of Pitiful Forgiveness

Soul Sucking Peloton Mom

Short Straw Big Issues

Liver Eating Johnson

Dumpster Fire Epiphany 

Taco Truck Botox

Smash The Feels

Bingo Goat Slayer

Headpiece of Staff Infection

Bodega Dream Weaver 

Medieval Dentistry Revival 

Omitted Additions

So Long And Thanks For All The Rabies Kabuki Bunny Soldier I Farted In Your Face Mask Super Jerk Reunion Satan’s Rusty Trombone Sloppy Sleepover Cold War PBJ Bucket Dipper Always 2×4 Face Witch Dr. Wayzout Reckless Sushi Chef Cold Cold Cold The Force Is Not With You Ever Fatal Flaw Sorest Loser No Woman No Sly Mortal Foe BFF Big City Chum Love Mutineer Mascot Commando Sub Puppy Tool of My Faulty Vision Bashful Flasher Socks Over Slippers Shitty Attitude Job Interview Messy Breakup Power Lunch Guido Von Shizer Haamer Hunchback of Ego Pain Scabs At Work Puppy Glove Hamburger Stand Nemesis Make Up Sex Quiff Sucker For Fudge Chrome Plated Buster Unicorn Basic Face Mute Evangelist Claus Claus Claus 

Zac Dunn aka UZIEGO is an ideologically driven, multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a former resident of Denver where he deejayed, produced and co-founded THE UNION gallery on Santa Fe, as well as a former member of the bands BUGGABOO, THA FLY, THE STRANGE US and CHEWBACCA BUKKAKE.

His work can be found on Bandcamp, YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram.

Tyler Gross is an award-winning illustrator and graphic artist. He has worked for a growing list of national and international clients including The Boston Globe, WIRED UK, The Globe & Mail, Sierra Club, United Way 211, and more. Contact him for commissions and collaborations.