Moonbow by Mariano Oreamuno

Art by Mariano Oreamuno, Moonbow

She Wishes She Never Had
By Sheryl Luna
Published Issue 053, May 2018

She wishes she never had

Oxblood red Days, loss, rivers which

flowed through her body in rough rapids

She wants smooth currents seeking the source 

that dwells within. She wishes she never had 

refused love like a wounded child, slapped, 

stunned into submission to others. Language 

a cloud pattern, gaseous, then pouring rain,

a calm lake, a rough River. She never

could Find her true name written

on the wall her ancestors built – Smokey,

her eyes see fires flicker, stars throb,

and she wants to go one place,

but is here where lizards flick tongues,

Scurry under rocks in the heat. She wishes 

She never had walked rolling bare blue

hills, tumbleweed filled dirt roads

where vultures span wings overhead,

loop towards death. Here she is

counting sparrows and mourning doves, 

planting a fig tree in the desert

of her want.