November 2023 art by S. Putnik

Art by S. Putnik

Art by S. Putnik
Published Issue 119, November 2023

Siena Goldman aka S. Putnik lives in her birthplace, Los Angeles, where she has spent her lifetime so far experimenting with the visual and musical arts. She loves working with pencil, pastel, watercolor, crayon and collage to convey interesting textures, color palettes, and moods in her multi-media artwork. As a 25 year old, she has spent a lot of life in school, uncomfortably switching districts and trying to fit in. Now, she is just stepping out yet again, this time stuck in the squeeze of birth as a young artist. See more of her work on Instagram.

Check out S. Putnik’s last Birdy install, the companion art for The mirror by Zac Dunn, or head to Explore section to see more of her work.

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