Pale March by DS Thornburg

Art by DS Thornburg

Pale March
Art by DS Thornburg
Published Issue 111, March 2023

On that pale March day

As you caused the fade

Decreasingly lighting my way

A waning of interest

Kept all sorts in stitches

As they looked down and away

At night in my battle

With life and death’s rattle

For loved ones whose names I forget

Forgive me dear father

I meant not to bother

With words that were better left unsaid

DS Thornburg is a visual artist, whose portraits capture the “process” of uncertainty, mortality and loss, to name a few. “Charcoal is moveable and fluid, as are human emotions.” Glance at his work, and see a darker, melancholy sadness. Stop and take the time to actually look, and you could possibly see a path to healing. See more of his work on Instagram and Facebook.

Thornburg is also a part of Spiritualist Cabaret, a one of a kind, immersive cabaret of storytelling enveloped in dark music scapes, magic, tarot, and visual art, that tells a story. See more on Instagram.

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