Ghost In the Machine by Jaime Valderrama


Ghost In the Machine
By Jaime Valderrama
Published Issue 104, August 2022 | Best of Birdy
Originally Published as the Back Cover of Issue 068, August 2019 

“If science fiction, horror, and Moebius had some type of offspring to the tune of punk rock and dungeon synth you’d have @epoch_art aka Jaime Valderama who is an illustrator, toy maker and designer for his independent toy line Galactic Anomalies. His work can be found in various publications, zines among other places. An avid toy collector himself, he draws inspiration from toy lines such as Visionaries, Supernaturals, Captain Power and many others to create his own unique line of figures in various scales and styles based on his writings and short stories.” —The Magnificent World of Toys. Check out their full interview with Jaime on YouTube and more of his work on Instagram.