Skull Chug by Brianna Corn

Skull Chug by Brianna Corn

Skull Chug
By Brianna Corn
Back Cover Issue 104, August 2022, Best of Birdy
Published Issue 055, July 2018

Brianna Corn is an ambitious graphic designer, art director, type designer, photographer,  web designer and a plant mom. Working as a designer and art director, she has had the chance to take a deep dive into all facets of the creative process and the daily runnings of a small studio. Over the course of her career, she’s picked up a few skills including project management, communicating with clients and team members, copywriting (sometimes by accident), team leadership, brand strategy, campaign direction, collaborating with other designers and creators, building brands from the bottom up, art directing shoots and photographing them. See more of work on her site and on Instagram.

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