Spidey Sense: Tyler Davis

“Spidey Senses” by Tyler Davis

By Tyler Davis

Published Issue 082, October 2020

Tyler Davis was born and raised in beautiful Boulder, CO where he spends most of his time making art and being creative while enjoying nature with his bulldog, Amy.

At an early age, people in his life always nurtured his artistic side and encouraged him to create. Having the support of others around him early on, kick-started his passion for art. When inspiration strikes, it can conjure amazing things, and that is something that always resonated with him.

Growing up, he was always been inspired by nature, animation, film and comic books. He likes to always be working on multiple projects and is usually seen bouncing back and forth between more traditional art mediums and digital work. Some of his works are both digital AND traditional hybrids. Understanding how these two realms can coexist together is fascinating to him, while simultaneously allowing him to be versatile as an artist.

He doesn’t consider himself to have a particular “style.” He finds value in being malleable/adaptable/diverse in the things he creates with his hands. The result, is an array of imagery with different character and subject matter.

Check out his website for more work and follow him on Instagram.