By Daniel LoBosco centerfold in Issue 068, August 2019

SUBJECT: Daniel LoBosco
OCCUPATION: I’m a side artist, my real job is at a call center. I draw whatever makes me happy and hope others enjoy it as well! 
TYPE OF ART: Faded Magic Nature
MANNER OF ART: Digital Painting and Drawing.
PROBABLE CAUSE OF ART: Graphite. Inks. Apple Pencil. 

Last month I Artopsied Aria Fawn — “a dirt witch with an infatuation for watercolour, graphite, and all things living and dead, as creators” — and Daniel Lobosco — “an alchemist of traditional ink and digital art, inspired by Autumn and the magick of nature” — for their duo show Ochre Light. I couldn’t justify smooshing their beautiful work in the confines of four pages, so here is what Daniel has say:

Clear Sky by Daniel LoBosco

What’s your first I-know-I’m-an-artist/I-know-I-have-talent memory.

It was probably when I started to realize how much I love drawing when I was in grade school. But I never realized my talent until others told me. I was just having fun until I met some extraordinary people who showed me it was more. Aria Fawn is one of those people.

You have an affinity for nature: animals, plants, forests, mountains, water, smoke, warrioresque characters who are harmonious with nature (or even themselves a magical facet of nature), the list goes on. Expand on this.

I think it’s my fate to be with nature. I’ve been a part of the Flora & Fauna my whole life. Even my last name, LoBosco, means “Of The Woods” in Italian. There’s no escape for me, so I want to tell a story about it.

Petrichor by Daniel LoBosco

Tell us about your moniker.

Hemlock just kinda came to me one late night. I liked the sound of it at first, and now I’m growing into it.

What creation are you most proud of?

The Sleeping Fields. It was the first step that I look back and say, that was the right way. Not just the painting but the music too.

The Sleeping Fields by Daniel LoBosco as seen in Issue 065, May 2019

How has your art evolved since you first started creating?

I’m starting to notice that I’m not just making images anymore, it’s more like looking at little pieces of something bigger. I can’t wait to see what’s at the end.

Describe your main art making space.

I have lots of shelves filled with things that resonate with me: twisted wood, plants, soft old lights, antiques and a lot of my friends artwork. Looking at my their art makes me feel less alone on my path. I start my process by sketching any idea worthwhile in my notebook then refine it at home. I also have music playing at all possible times.

Blades of Trade by Daniel LoBosco as seen in Issue 065 | May 2019

Greatest influence(s) on your style and voice as an artist?

Too many to list, but the ones who really changed my life are the friends I’ve made this year. I wouldn’t have this fire in my heart without them.

Describe your most prolific challenge/setback that ended up benefiting you.

Ohhh. Last year I lost around $600 at a convention and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I met Aria there and she took me under her wing and believed in me.

Are you attempting to convey a specific meaning/message with your art?

No I don’t think there is a specific message to my art. If anything it is a reflection of what I love or what I’m going through. It has become a sort of emotional outlet for me.

HEX (WIP) by Daniel LoBosco

Favorite and least favorite thing of Colorado’s art scene and community.

Favorite thing about the scene is how GORGEOUS the nature here is. Colorado is a utopia for nature enthusiasts. Least favorite thing is how few artists there are around me. In Colorado Springs we have a lot less art culture.

Most interesting/important thing happening in art worldwide.

I think the general public is beginning to find joy in art and finding their own aesthetic. People support artists they love more readily than ever now. New artists are cropping up everywhere providing beautiful new takes on themes. I really think this decade has and will continue to be a renaissance for the arts.

What supernatural power would you choose?

The ability to fly. I want to see the world and explore.

What would you be if you weren’t human?

I am a goat for sure.

Pyre by Daniel LoBosco

Describe your dream world to live in?

Everything is the way it is, but now we have magic and monsters and cool stuff.

Number one thing you wish you would have known before embarking on your creative journey.

Don’t hold all the negative/painful thoughts in your head. You don’t have to be perfect.

Hunted by Daniel LoBosco

What’s the point of art? Of making it? Of preserving and showcasing it in our collective society?

I think art is an incredibly honest expression of the artist. We can see what they love or hate encapsulated in an image. Preserving art is remembering a part of that person. 

What’s next for you?

I want to work on my writing skills! And then create a comic.

Briar by Daniel LoBosco

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