Art by Von Rytis

By Zac Dunn
Published Issue 123, March 2024

The cryptos conundrum of existence, belief, genetics and context. 

What lies beyond what our eyes can see? 

Is it something that must be certain? 

Is it something that is actually there at all? 

When we first ventured into the forest to forage and gather the resources to sustain us and continue the journey we were not alone. Entering the macrocosm, one is aware of the immensity of life in all directions vibrating in one singular breath.  

The sounds of the smallest to the largest creatures are what guided those steps across dirt and leaves in search of something that we could not see. We were certain that it was indeed there, otherwise it wouldn’t have made sense to be in that context in the first place. In that most primal moment of conquest for survival we knew nothing but hunger and fear. Fire would protect, warm and ward off the tiny and massive creatures that would come invariably equally curious about us as well. 

These creatures of all sizes differed from us in another crucial way. They were not in a state of fear. They only know the unknown and are not cursed with the self-awareness to contemplate the infinitesimal mystery beyond all that our eyes can behold. They moved in the same context in parallel. Not with minds of heart that knew anything other than being. Not fear or courage, not joy or pain, not hunger or starvation. 

The cycle of exploration from the mighty rift of origin would play out in the same manner until disease, climate, conflict and the topography pushed our factions to all corners of the rock. This motion from one place to the next could be sparked for innumerous reasons. But in all cases, the destination, path and fate were unknown. This uncertainty was a constant. It took brave and courageous hearts to spear the WOOLLY MAMMOTH or to stand up to a SABER-TOOTH that pounced upon us. But these moments of distress and valor resulted in a genetic courage that allowed us to learn how to overcome our fears and make choices that perpetuated our existence. 

Art by Arthur Balitsky

Prior to the advent of religion of faith being organized and defined by culture and language emulsifying into a roux, the sublime existed in minds only. The unbelievable things could only be seen and imagined. There was no standard or set of stories that created the context of these forces we believed in but could not see. Even the fire that warmed us seemed to be a living thing as well. 

This curiosity to know the unknowable is part of the curse that drove us further and further into the unknown. There was always more land and animals and space to see. The ends of the Earth seemed boundless and the stars above like specks of pollen floating in a pond. We knew so little that all we did know was that we were real and that there were very real things that we simply couldn’t see that could and would eat us, just as quickly as we would eat them. 


We live our entire lives in the modern state of nature where we have removed all the simplicity that has allowed the luxury of not knowing the fear of those who took the brave steps to propel our DNA to this point. They didn’t know they were doing brave and miraculous things. They only made simple choices as we do as well. 

The choice that we make in FAITH is something that should bring JOY and UNITY. As we all know, this is simply not the case. The most bloody of all ideas is the highest and most sacred form of truth that we walk into the darkness clutching tightly. This endless quest by those in power to control people through belief has been constant in our context. Those who write the story are the same ones who can dictate the next chapter. This autonomy of narrative is the central message in all FAITH. The core of the thing is a path and following that path requires adherence to ideology and context. 

The world that we live in is still a place with millions of species that science confirms are very unknown. For this reason it’s imperative to speak on CRYPTIDS. Online sources define this word: Cryptids are animals that cryptozoologists believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but whose present existence is disputed or unsubstantiated by science. 

This is not strange at all. There are knowns and unknowns. 

However, it’s our choice to believe in anything in our AUTONOMY. The very starting point from which almost all choices are made. It may seem like a long stretch, but our FAITH in simple commonly held ideas that we take completely for granted is UNIFIED FAITH that humans in modern society adhere to globally. These are super basic standards that all religions agree upon. DON’T KILL PEOPLE. DON’T STEAL. DON’T LIE. 

The extent to which any society seeks to control these maxims determines how permissive or suppressive a culture can be. But regardless of the severity of adherence to ideology, the tacit belief in the unknown is as woven into us as these basic rules all humans understand. 

The moment of Genesys in this all to me is the control of the unknown. 

GOD is not a known thing. YET, the vast majority of humans believe in some form of this idea. 

Since the dawn of time, humans have feared the other creatures we shared the context with. Tales both factual and less so would spread like jam on buttery toast. These tales would evolve as living things as well, passed from head, heart and tongues into the ether. 

The creatures that we feared most were often not the ones that we could ever see until it was too late. All over the world there were different creatures who adapted to ascend to the apex. We would dream of them and fear them in the waking world as well. In time that fear could turn to respect and even mutual adoration. 

These things that we could not see were very real. 

GOD is something that we cannot see but most would agree is real. 

It is beyond evil to suggest that BIGFOOT, YETI, SASQUATCH, YOWIE, DOBHAR-CHÚ, LOCH NESS, CHUPACABRA, LEVIATHAN simply do not exist. To suggest that humans all around the planet all have different mystic creatures that are woven into the fabric of their society. Despite the scientific maxim of proof, I would argue that even pure science must venture into the unknown to prove or disprove anything. That step in any direction would not occur without a belief in something that doesn’t exist or has not been proven to be at all.

We all come from somewhere. That place has a creature. Everywhere does. It’s as much part of us as the place itself. If we choose to live in a world where these things do not exist, what is left to know? If the place that lies just beyond the horizon is no longer something that sparks our curiosity we shall perish into primordial ooze from which we crawled. The hunger that we still know is not in our bellies now that they are full of factory produced proteins. In the modern age, the great hunger we know and that the most powerful people seek to control is the image of that which we cannot ever see or know. 

Believe in whatever you choose to be the version of the truth that you choose. Tell the myths you feel represent you and where you are from. These myths are the most important resource we possess in many ways. No one would ever admit it, but if the power were suddenly turned off and never came back on, we would be wise to take our stories to keep us safe and brave as we once again plunged into the state of nature to face the big bad things that we cannot see in the darkness. Maybe they will be friendly and want to come along as well? All things are unknown. GODZILLA SLEEPS TONIGHT SO WE CAN LIVE TODAY. 


Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter Instagram | Tumblr.

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