Photo by Nikolaos Axelis

By Zac Dunn
Published Issue 124, April 2024

Encapsulating the ocean’s motion

Krill spilling into harbors

Guarded by monolithic stone towers

Driven skyward with roots of MAGMA

Foothold upon the edge of the precipice

So deep its boundless immensity only hungers

To know more water and bones

To nuzzle and rest upon the firmament

Of decay and sublime KELVIN like stasis

Penetrating atoms to stand still

As the UNIVERSE expands telescopically

Removed 20,000 leagues of legendary

Silence that reaches the pits of stomachs

Churning in guts storming beaches

As battlements volley hatred and ignorance

The venom that spread all too

Effortlessly upon the prick

Systemically brokered to all the jokers

Who sally forth speaking much too loud about


Commanding the attention they seek screaming out

One final SOS from the DEATH SUB

That led them deeper and deeper

To the place of stasis and entanglement

Of greed, ambition, hubris to the mother and a will that knew

Only its own curiosity so profoundly detached from the

Magnitude of the endeavor

Gilded in recycled carbon fiber splendor

That we remember as the screams fade to silence and the

Curtain slowly draws

As the trawlers turn back to port and gaze upon

NARWHALS for the first time

Since even the saltiest can recall

Their eyes briefly locking

Only to slip back to the liquid that we

Take so deeply for granted

Yet will move mountains and seas of blood

To spill 

(9:32 12/14/23) 

Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter Instagram | Tumblr.

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