The Coney Trilogy (Choerogyllius) by Zac Dunn

Art by Anastasia Firsova

The Coney Trilogy (Choerogyllius)
By Zac Dunn
Published Issue 125, May 2024

Robust Darker Taller

Hip hopping across the flat fields

Furrowed and turned but rallied by 

The barking that calls and crawls up the walls

As the wee ones dream of carrots 

And sunshine, so sublime 

The hive mind connects to predators

And foes that the fear only knows

And grows slow like the GARLIC and sweet ONION bulbs

Gently lulling them all back to rest as the mites try

To snack upon their brisk pumping chests … 

(5:11 a.m. | 2.18.24)

Bully Bunnies 

In the fallow plane 

Burrowing deeper 

And braver than they knew 

They could ever go 

The conflagration of opinion was a 

Stark beginning to 

Upend and win the crux of the spin 

As they take busy steps on

Feet that are never 

Cleaner or meaner 

Pitchforking the bundles 

As hurdles in burrows Itch 

Art by Rafal Kulik

The Hawk And The Coney

The firm earth walls of the tiny hole 

Had grown much too cold and droll

To hold back the peeping mouths

Waking from Winter’s slumber

Down under the mighty Hemlock’s 

Bows proudly they had avowed

To hold the watch over the cold winter

Lock that would put them in 

With kind and kin

Only to nibble and dream of the 

Sun and seeds that would 

Litter the surface so moist and full of life

But as the sun began to wiggle the roots 

Awake around the holler 

The delicate scrapes would be made at midday when the 

SUN was too high to hide what bounty lay

Await as the day would only be swallowed

By the moon whole 

At first, the field appeared quite desolate

The CONEY pulled itself up and snapped its eyes 

So as to survey and plot the most vital and precarious 

First foray back into the frey

But not for the first of last they bounded forward to 

Thump off the rot of sleep and old nuts that tasted of 

Earth and wood 

Today the tufts brought back would be the breakfast 

The champions they had sired and guided in the maze

Of grass and dirt only to skirt certain peril 

From many foes that the nose only knows

Upwind they would usually be very 

Easy to smell before hearing the 

Raucous clashing of the motor to metal to meat 

Then the cursed CANINE fiends would charge 

Huffing and puffing as the trolls 

Make thunder clap snaps that tapped the dirt but 

Occasionally would cause a dear friend or acquaintance to 

Simply POP and STOP in place to only die as we run and

Find our hiding places

But this all pales in comparison for the commodore of the context

Who never seems to sleep and loves to eat us the most

They have a special way of knowing we know to move

Like a hive mind, we try to move in symphony 

But simply seem to be here on this field 

Both hungry for something we can see and feel 

Something we can almost touch but never hold on to

As we run faster to find it 

Fly higher and quieter looming as we swoon for the bit 

Of toast we most need to feed the tiny ones

Who need us too

But always we know as they circle the space we share 

They seem to know who isn’t well or who can tell 

They are more scared and zag left rather than zig right

In pure impulse only to feel the embrace of the 

Wind as it begins to descend so ominous 

Like a blanket of onyx upon a grease fire 

The moment is suspended as we glance a fleeting

Glimpse of a wing and a KLAW so regal 

The talons sparkle with joy as the rays of the sun bounce back 

Upon the gust of wind pushing back up 

GLEN’S eyes open wide looking back down at us as though to say 

Goodbye but at least they tried and we did too 

But they were quicker and 

so is the way 

The hole that we call home shall not be our grave

For we shall die on the field of battle or 

flying towards the heavens 

Only to blink and kiss the sky 

(7:59 a.m. | 12.11.23)

Summa facta incipit a minimis gradibus

(The greatest of feats begins with the smallest of steps) 

Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter Instagram | Tumblr.

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