Manuel of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom by Jonny DeStefano and Michael David King

Concept and art by Jonny DeStefano. Words and design by Michael David King

Published Issue 125, May 2024
Best of Birdy, Originally Published Issue 011, November 2014

Manuel of Omaha 1

Manuel of Omaha 2

Jonny DeStefano is the co-owner and co-founder of Birdy Magazine. He is also the founder of the comedy activist space Deer Pile. His favorite color is red, and he loves shark attacks, hockey and upright bass.

Michael David King is a third-generation visual designer and creative-type thriving at the intersection of commerce, culture and community. He lived in Denver since the ’90s, and relocated to Providence, RI. He was one of Birdy‘s founders and the layout designer through Issue 067.

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