Coins Dropped by Alison Moski | Art by S. Putnik

Coins Dropped by Alison Moski | Art by S. Putnik
Art by S. Putnik

Coins Dropped
By Alison Moski
Art by S. Putnik

Published Issue 103, July 2022

Coins dropped

Into a skull slot

Slip down into throat


A token of wisdom ingested

Walk-through solidity of heat wall

Under drifting cumulonimbus

Blinding whiteness cauliflower-Ness

Tao of physics

Snagged at a free library

A second read through might make more sense now

A Door squeaks

Yet I hear a blaring Jazz trumpet

Mind is slow

Verbally incapacitated

A familiar world of instincts desire and illusion

Living within a mind controlling structured order

A red winged calls oblivious of me

As I cast a shadow upon a crow feather

Holding words in my mouth

in my mind

Existing in an abyss between myself and the outside world

The bottom of existence – death

A first and last love lost

By gunshots from a stranger

Alison Moski born and raised in Connecticut then travelled northwest to southwest and now here in Denver. A curious observer of life, lover of words and the abstract. Discover more poetry at

Siena Goldman aka S. Putnik lives in her birthplace, Los Angeles, where she has spent her lifetime so far experimenting with the visual and musical arts. She loves working with pencil, pastel, watercolor, crayon and collage to convey interesting textures, color palettes, and moods in her multi-media artwork. As a 25 year old, she has spent a lot of life in school, uncomfortably switching districts and trying to fit in. Now, she is just stepping out yet again, this time stuck in the squeeze of birth as a young artist.

This is Alison’s debut Birdy piece, but keep your eyes peeled for more future works by this talented poet. In case you missed it, peek S. Putnik’s June install or head to our Explore section to see more of her work.

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