Abominable by Axel Bueckert

By Zac Dunn
Published Issue 116, August 2023

There is a foreign object in my mouth 

It is called my tongue

I am so glad that I don’t have a television set assfixxed firmly to my head 

Channeling the sinister spirit 

Like the buzz of 10,000 Roman plebeians 

Demanding the gore 

Welding mighty filthy muffins made of mud

thicker than fudge with rocks 

As wilted flowers are laid down at the 

Feet of the YETI only to turn to dust 

Swinging the glorious taco cabana 

hammer once more

Tenderizing the feels as the squeaky wheel screams like a banshee  

The creek in the cave had run dry again 

But the mighty Phoenix of discord spreads its dreadful wings and takes flight over the burning ruins of asinine archives 

Colder than the feet of the glacier as the plates drift effortlessly into the subduction zone rupturing the benign firmament as

The beast lumbered into the clearing in mid-stride with haste 

And then paused briefly 

only to slip without a sound into the coniferous canopy 

Back into its hiding places 

The pungent musk left hanging in the mist nevermore circuitous 

Giant boulders flung from the tips of peaks utterly unreachable 

As the choir of singing from the bowels of the mountain lulled the elusive Sasquatch from its stand 

Severe shy eyes piercing the permafrost scanning frozen tundra 

for a mate who lays in wait bugging for squirming live bait 

The sherpas all abandoned there pitiful retainers due the fever pitch of nonstop complaining 

Ringing the dinner bell with the flasher holding a pistol who’s the worst smelling person ever 

who makes the most dry and soulless roasted 

Chicken that we all eat 

but promptly excuse ourselves to purge as it’s raw and unseasoned profanely prepared by a flawed clod of a man  

Vikkar Musso was a no-show 

The pig was quickly procured and dispatched to banish the oncoming Jinn

So the YETI raised its mighty digits to the heavens 

As snowflakes subtly began to fall

The abominable vision of the mighty elusive being drives my tongue to proclaim 

His glory in the kingdom of solace where 

He shall forever remain

Dedicated to the life and memory of our brother


vox veritatis aeternae

Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out Zac’s July Birdy install, WHERE THE SHARKS SLEEP, or head to our Explore section to see more of his work.

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