The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf by Erin Barnes

Photo-by-Kennedy-Cottrell_Fig_The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf by Erin Barnes
Fig the Sloth | Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf
The Most Tranquil Places For Parents And Little Ones To Mellow Out
By Erin Barnes
Published Issue 107, November 2022

Meow Wolf’s immersive art experiences are designed to be experienced by all. Our exhibits have the power to bring out a parent’s inner child, but they can also tap into a baby’s pure sense of wonder. Besides the excessive drool and the overabundance of cuteness, babies are just like us: They like shiny things. They love to touch, climb and explore. And just like us, they might need a quiet break once in a while. 

Thankfully, there are plentiful nooks inside Meow Wolf’s psychedelic, sensational worlds where parents can relax with their little ones — and maybe even uncover some lesser-known gems. Read on to discover our favorite places to rest and feed your little ones at every Meow Wolf location.

Convergence Station in Denver

Fig the Sloth in Numina

At the bottom of Convergence Station’s six-dimensional swamp world, a blissful sloth named Fig perches in a nook where twisty, tree-like curves form a bench. Numina is majestic from all angles, but Fig’s view is divine: It offers a wide-angle perspective of lush, alien plant life. It also gives parents excellent people-watching opportunities as travelers descend the cascading staircase of the otherworldly Cosmohedron. The sloth is a kid magnet, so chances are if you’re sitting next to it, your babe will love gazing at Fig while getting milk-drunk.

Blue Sound Spa | Photo by Nikki A. Rae
“Blue Sound Spa” in Ossuary

Ossuary is a world of tucked-away catacombs and gleaming corinthian columns. Having just left Eemia, an ice world housing the Kaleidogothic Cathedral and the ability to open up a wormhole in the sky with lasers, your tiny wanderer might need a sensory break. Lucky for them, as you enter into Ossuary there’s a quiet room tucked away just before you reach the Hall of Whispers and the Caverns of Oss. It’s called “Blue Sound Spa,” and it’s one of the few places in Convergence Station where nothing flashy happens. Tiled entirely in hues of blue, the exhibit feels like an underwater fantasy. “Blue Sound Spa” offers a chance to simply sit and relax. Other people may come and go, but everyone seems to get the unspoken memo: shhhhhhh. 

HELLOFOOD Patio (weather permitting)

Meow Wolf Denver’s cafe is a haven for any human who wants to feel like they’re standing on planet Earth again for a minute. HELLOFOOD offers coffee, tea, snacks, grab-and-go lunches, beer and wine, and more. 

The outdoor patio of HELLOFOOD is especially lovely when the weather is nice. A breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or bottle-feeding parent can take a load off, enjoy a refreshment, and feel the sun on their face while their baby fuels up. Green hedges surround the patio, which means the bustling exterior and parking lot of Convergence Station won’t be a distraction. Plus, there are whimsical floral surprises hiding in the hedges to hold a fussy baby’s attention.

Photo-by-KennedyCottrell_TrashTemple_The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf by Erin Barnes
Trash Temple | Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe

The Throne in “Trash Temple”

At House of Eternal Return, nourish your neonate in palatial glory on the throne at “Trash Temple” — because you’re royalty, baby! This temple consists of a bevy of upcycled items, including a bottle cap mosaic floor, a ceiling made from CDs and soda cans, and many plastic lids. No matter what direction you turn, there’s something interesting that’s certain to catch your or your little one’s eye. 

PhotoByLaurentVelasquez_LaserHarp_The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf by Erin Barnes
Laser Harp | Photo by Laurent Velasquez
Laser Harp Room

The Laser Harp Room is spacious enough that you can sit down, far from the action, and enjoy a break in a quiet, dark place — even if someone is plucking along on the bright red strings/beams. There’s also fog, for further privacy. Who knows, the music may soothe your mini to sleep! One can (and probably will) dream.

Sofa in the Forest Tree Trunk

In a behind-the-scenes video about the creation of The Forest at House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf co-founder Caity Kennedy discusses bringing out her inner child’s fairy forest dream come true with meandering paths that criss-cross gnarled trees and glowing mushrooms. “[I wanted] to have a place inside of your mind where you can see really clearly,” she says. “[Where] would my five-year-old self just want to live and never leave?” In the midst of this magical menagerie, look out for the hollowed-out tree trunk with a sofa inside — a prime hideout for you and your kiddo. If that space is taken, there are plenty of nooks and crannies nearby, like the treehouse, for example.

Omega Mart in Las Vegas

Roomy, Relaxing Family Restrooms

At Meow Wolf, restrooms are roomy, well-decorated and quiet, with plenty of spaces to sit. It’s a good option if you or your baby prefer a little extra privacy. There are two family restrooms on the second floor, or just ask a staff member if you need guidance. 

MWLV_Fractalife_The Best Places To Feed Your Baby At Meow Wolf by Erin Barnes
Fractalife | Photo by Kate Russell

A forest of ornately adorned trees glows against a dark and peaceful backdrop, weaving together into a canopy in the sky, and gently pulsating with the rhythm of multicolored lights. This is “FractaLife,” a soothing and roomy second floor zone that plays with the dance of light and dark. The warm phosphorescence of the forest and its beautiful woven web above gives babies something wonderful to look at. As all parents know — if the baby is occupied, then the parent can relax. Here, the moody lighting gives each seated guest a secure feeling of solitude, and there are plenty of areas to sit.

“Desert Chill Zone”

“Desert Chill Zone” is a cozy, tucked away room with theater seating. If you’re okay with screen time, you and your baby can watch a video about Cecelia Dram’s visit to the Source Well. Surrounded by the rocky geometric shapes of a sci-fi desert, parents and babies alike will be able to gaze towards what looks like a dreamy Martian sunset in the distance. Good night and sweet dreams to all, in this world and the next.  

A few things you need to know if you’re bringing your bambino to Meow Wolf: 
  • Babies get complimentary admission! We allow bottle feeding and formula inside all Meow Wolf exhibitions, and we encourage you to nurse or bottle feed your children wherever you feel comfortable. 
  • Diaper bags can be checked at coat check for $3 (Meow Wolf Denver, Meow Wolf Las Vegas) or stored in a locker (Meow Wolf Santa Fe).
  • See security to get a tag that will allow you to bring a diaper bag into the exhibition (Denver and Las Vegas). 
  • You can retrieve items as needed from checked bags. 
  • Strollers are not allowed inside our exhibitions, so you’ll have to use a carrier or your own good, old-fashioned arms. However, there is stroller parking outside of Meow Wolf Santa Fe. 
  • There are changing tables in restrooms at all locations. 
  • Lactating persons can bring an empty water bottle in through security to be filled inside.

Get tickets to Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, NM, Convergence Station in Denver, CO and Omega Mart in Las Vegas, NV.

Erin Barnes is “A born writer… she’s also a synesthete, whose mixed-up senses serve as a gateway to multiple creative mediums.” – Westword. Check out more of her work on her site | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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