The Stars In Our Middle by Zac Dunn

Desert At Twilight, Photo by Tim De Groot

The Stars In Our Middle
By Zac Dunn

Published Issue 110, February 2023

Best of Birdy, Originally Published in Issue 066, June 2019

We dreamed of Arabian nights 

And white lights so bright 

They stole the shine within us 

The never ending story was simply 

An allegory 

untold but 

Dead ass true 

Retold by rebel monks 

with no tongues 

Speaking in 

Satanic verses Salman Rushdi 

Penned in bone and blood 

Eyes wide shut 

Born in flood 

The holy mountain 

They bow down to looks 

Triumphant in the morning 

Oh the smell of napalm in all its Glory

be blessed upon most high 

The work lives on 

Even though 

The workers all 


Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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