Rob by Eric Joyner


By Zac Dunn
Art by Eric Joyner

Published Issue 113, May 2023

My rice cooker is a baby electric vampire

A rolling father gathers filth 

As slowly falling off a cliff 

The cat turned up 

Wicked is the wind that blows 

Over short blades of grass 

The propulsion system

Wins again 

Sounds have flavors less bitter and 

sweet than the previous breathe 

Gonzo Godzilla goes back to into his hiding places 

Fabric falling from the walls 

Holding the can full of fire once more 

The two-tone phone sat silent alone 

In the bowels of the home 

But the people were steadfast 

In a state of pure skepticism 

The sonnets were read out loud again 

The corrugated siding bled green

Into another killing time 

The shortest straw drawn 

But kind of blue 

Sweet succulents with spines 

Passed over for a final time 

The steam erupts as I remove the top 

And consume the fruit of the paddy 

Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Eric Joyner is a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in robots and donuts. Learn more about Eric and see more of his work on his site and on Instagram.

Check out Zac’s April Birdy install, THE PIT, and Eric’s April Index, The Lost Episode, or head to our Explore section to see more of their work.

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