Log 158 by Godric | Photo by Tommy Coyote

Log 158 by Godric | Photo by Tommy Coyote

Log 158
By Godric
By Tommy Coyote
Published Issue 099, March 2022

How-2 pitch pain!

Cornered as eyes

Bitten as rain.

Turning out lights

Per memory,

Our store of shame.

I’ve borne witness

Tossed flame

Consulted fates

And right on time,

Alone again.

If I start to admit it

Plunge tears in rice

Won’t I be finished?

Weary forever,

Inside some 20-year old night?

To tread misery

Fully-lashed, it bats!

Gnawing, no, robbing

Only.. this

Counters that.

However stained

Plucked or maimed

untuck the heat

However silent it sleeps

Even when fears creak!

Hasten to

Again, again

Our most immutable

Constant, peerless friend

It who cracks the chest!

Braids our courage

And determines

Whom wins


and again.

Log 158 by Godric | Photo by Tommy Coyote

Author’s Note: Pictured above is me outside my home the week after being struck by a car on the highway while standing next to mine, nearly being killed. Instead, a completely torn ACL and half my hairline missing, alongside seven weeks (at time of picture) of physical therapy was all I walked away with. Fatefully, I had just received my first copy of Birdy with my very first Log entry which at the time carried me when moving forward of any kind felt impossible. This entry marks a year since then. Thus, I dedicate Log 158 to the team at Birdy for being integral in the healing that’s taken place since + the magic it continues supplying my life. All by & for language, my favorite cape in the world. Thank you for giving me a space to land it. To the mutant!


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