The Great Wheel by Zac Dunn | Art by Jason White

The Great Wheel by Zac Dunn_Art by Jason White_103
Art by Jason White

The Great Wheel
By Zac Dunn

Art by Jason White
Published Issue 103, July 2022

The great wheel turns 


Concentric circles rotate 

As pawns move 

Across the board

Knight to bishop 

Intent condemned to condition 

Wayward souls mischievously 

Glance upon the outer city 

The tide wide shut

Gazing upon something

So amazing

We took up spaces 

And tried our best to remember all the many many faces 

Lords snatch up the pieces 

That are parts 

Of the whole

Stromboli participle 

Comes like the ocean 

Sharks dream 

Of assholes who swim 

Too close to shore 

Like slaves dream of brutally

murdering the masters in their sleep 

While the breeze blows 

We sing and dream and drop 

Our guard 

Long enough to take command 

The volcano has erupted 

The women and children all went first 

The speed 

So quiet 

Trying my 

Best to not forget that 

young lady named


Zac Dunn is a psycho-social mechanic, father, musician and dreamer. Check out his music and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Jason White is an artist living in the suburbs of Chicago. His favorite mediums are oil on canvas and pencil & ink drawings. When he was a kid he cried on the Bozo Show. His work varies from silly to serious and sometimes both. Check out more of his work on Instagram.

Check out Zac’s June Birdy piece, The Most Magical Man, with contributing art by Jason. Jason’s art can also be seen in the June issue with Brian Polk’s Accusations, Recriminations, Lamentations, Imputations and Maggie D. Federov’s Decadence In Good Company. Head to our Explore section to see even more of these talented creatives’ work.

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